Doing business results in questions arising that have no clear answer or solution on which reasonable minds may disagree.  However, reasonable minds may also be able to reach a compromise.  My goal is to help reasonably minded business people reach an amicable compromise.  To the extent that seeking compromise is not effective, I will take the case to trial on behalf of my clients at a reasonable cost.  Jeff has helped many businesses and individuals reach compromise in various disputes, including:

  • Commercial Landlord and former tenant disagreed on amounts outstanding under lease and respective contractual obligations
  • Small Business Creditor and debtor disputed amount owed under contract
  • Corporate Executive disputed personal liability for decision made that should be subject to protection under the business judgment rule, which gives executives a “rebuttable presumption that good faith decisions of a corporate board of directors are valid and not subject to attack by shareholders, absent fraud, self-dealing or unconscionable conduct.”  [See: Seidman v. Clifton Savings Bank, S.L.A., 205 N.J. 150 (2011)]
  • Small Business disputed amount of taxes owed
  • Small Business disputed liability associated with individual who was not a corporate employee